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I know, you just want to get out of your head. The act of thinking is past the point of draining, but the thoughts keep coming. Some days you are fine, and others there is an inner narrator highlighting every shortcoming or mistake. You know you have to make a change, but the options seem both endless and impossible to implement. 


We get it. In our work together, we will help identify what events trigger your anxiety, outline the patterns of thought that are contributing, explore which events in your life have shaped these patterns, and explore ways that you can start coping more beneficially now. 


These intense cycles of worry usually come paired with other concerns, like disordered eating, OCD, ADHD, and trauma responses. We can help you to understand the functions of your attempts at coping so that you can address the need, whatever it may be, more adaptively and compassionately. 


Some days just feel like a slog. You know that your life is not perfect, but you don’t understand why you struggle to find some joy throughout the day. Motivation is hard to come by and the guilt of not being productive just drains whatever energy you have left. 


It is not as simple as “just getting over/doing/stopping” something. If it were, of course you would have figured it out by now. Sometimes we need a little help to access the ability to make the changes that we need. 


Sometimes our chemistry, experiences, and learned perspectives come together in such a way that surviving can be difficult and thriving seems like a distant possibility. Together we can start identifying small goals to work on right away to improve your self-care while we explore what mindsets and other variables are keeping you pinned down.


As a millennial, I have to say it, #adulting is hard and relentless. We knew we would have to work hard, but we did not expect the lack of control in accessing the pay off of our efforts. So, we keep hitting milestones and making life changes, but feel like we are at sea…in a storm… with a hole in the boat. 


Because life is hard and we are human, therapy can be beneficial for all stages of life. Sure, you can get a few teams together on a field and have them play the game, but when left to their own devices the need for a referee becomes apparent. You are smart and capable, but sometimes when our problems are up close we cannot have the perspective to see the way through. Let us walk with you.

Transitions & Everyday Life

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