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OCD & ERP Treatment

Where my over thinkers at!? The constant stream of intrusive thoughts are weighing down your day. Plus you are losing so much time trying to stay calm and prevent the worst from happening that you do not have the time or energy to keep up at work or enjoy the life you have. We are trained in exposure and response prevention, and can help you break free from the incessant "what ifs" . We also use a combination of therapies to teach you how to stand up to your OCD voice. 

We will explore what OCD is and how it presents uniquely for you. Your therapist will help you identify your specific obsessive thoughts that are driving your compulsions.Then together you will plan out what activities or experiences you need to complete in order to retrain your brain. In addition to Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), we also will help you understand the development of your obsessions in order to challenge the misperceptions and cognitive distortions that are giving the obsessions credibility.

Give a call today to start taking your life back.

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