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We can all use a little Cope & Calm

Counseling for the overwhelmed and the burnt out.

If you are feeling like it is all too much, you’re right. Let us shoulder some of the weight.

Therapy practice serving Connecticut, specializing in anxiety, depression, transitions, and everyday life.

Offering in-person services in Danbury and telehealth for all of Connecticut.

Here at Cope & Calm, we believe that in order to maintain wellness we must start with creating a practice of resilience. Life will be tricky, we will make mistakes, but we are capable of adapting and growing regardless of our circumstance. We provide therapy for:


Young Adults



Eating Disorders

Depression and other Mood Disorders

We are caring and competent professionals who are not only therapists as a profession but in our identity. Always striving and learning. So honored to do this work, and also humble enough to laugh at ourselves and be real in a session. Warm and welcoming hosts of your safe space. Thoughtful and supportive guides to your mind.

Who We Are

With smaller caseloads, our team is empowered to dedicate comprehensive attention to each client, unlike practitioners on insurance panels who may see three to four times as many clients, leading to quicker burnout. This focus not only allows for a higher standard of care through additional time for training and professional development but also enables us to employ our clinical judgment and professional training in shaping personalized therapy sessions without the constraints of insurance allowances. Our experience across different settings informs our approach, understanding the profound impact of managing a sustainable number of cases. Handling 15-20 clients per week while still allocating ample time for professional consultations, note-taking, detailed treatment planning, and engaging with the latest research and training ensures we maintain our effectiveness and achieve superior therapeutic outcomes more swiftly than traditional models.

Why Us?

You are the overachiever who is always working to prove themselves. In a constant battle with an inferiority complex who find comfort in their intellect. The over thinker who strives to always be ready and therefore always feels they fall short. The imperfect perfectionist with anxiety and low mood. The ambitious lady who struggles from anxiety deriving from executive dysfunction and trauma responses. The person who was always such a natural caretaker from a young age, but now struggled to maintain self care.

Who You Are

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