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Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma

The mental ping pong is dizzying. You would much rather focus on that assignment that is due tomorrow than replay the day's events OVER and OVER.

"Did I talk too much? Too little? Why am I so...[insert negative judgment here]..?" 


You're exhausted and wondering what it would be like to simply do something without having to go several rounds on the overthinking carousel.


Do people even do that?

Yes, they do, and you can too! 

Cope & Calm: Live Freely.

You have ambition. You want to accomplish a lot in this life. You want the joy of feeling loved and connected to your people. You want to be able to explore a new interest without the crippling fear of failure if you can't belt it out like Adele in your first vocal lesson. Heck, you want to be able to use your time for fun without feeling like you are making a mistake with your time.

Everyone always seems to think you have it together, but they don't know that your mind is active as a ducks legs underwater. You think of EVERYTHING. You are a "what if" master. It has worked out mostly, but you are exhausted. You want to maintain your drive, but learn how to pump the breaks just a little bit. 

You're not sure which is worse, the headaches, muscle tension, the insomnia or stomach issues. 

You have tried all of the things to get your body back on track, but nothing seems to have lasting impacts.

Learn how to quiet that whispering doubt.

Every email chime, text message, or request to chat sends you into a tizzy. 

Did I forget something?

Did I mess that up?

Are they mad at me or do they just hate me now?

With all of this happening in your mind, you are missing out on the great moments right in front of you.

You deserve to live fully! You can learn to live a life that allows you to take up space, prioritize your joy, and allows you to get stuff done.

Anxiety learns from experiences and thrives after trauma. Let's give it a few lessons.

Get closer to the success and connections that anxiety keeps pushing away. You do not have to stay stuck, but you can't do it alone. 

Don't lose another happy memory to worry. 

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