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Meet Chelsea

Meet Amber

I will follow your lead. I want to make therapy feel like a safe time and place that helps you feel lighter and refreshed after each session. If you leave the session thinking, “I cannot believe that I just told her that, but I am glad that I did”, then I will feel like I have done my job well. There is no judgment here. Please, come on in and be your messy, complicated, lovable, fantastic self.

Life is tough. I aim to help my clients see that they are tougher. We may not be able to choose what life throws at us, but we do get to choose how we respond. Together, let’s find some new responses. Whether that be learning a few coping and regulating skills, assessing where boundaries need to be tweaked, or allowing yourself to feel something without trying to justify it or make it go away. I have you covered.

I love working with clients who feel like they have not yet been truly heard. You may feel like people hear you, but don’t really listen. Or that they do listen, and immediately try to tell you what to do. All of this is well intentioned, but not always the best response.

I love helping my clients reclaim the light and joy of life again after someone or something has taken it away. I want you to know that just because you have been feeling stuck, alone, misunderstood, or worse, does NOT mean that you are doomed to that place.

I like to help people from many different walks of life. So, I have to have an adaptive approach. I know CBT, REBT, DBT, and a few of the other counseling acronyms. I choose to bounce around based on my clients needs and strengths. I can select the strategies that I think will be most effective.

So, if I sound like I may be a good fit, please reach out! My number and email are below, or send a request directly through the site.

If I don’t, please keep looking and best of luck to you. You deserve it.

Please reach out to set up a consultation or appointment:



  • William Paterson University - M.Ed Professional Counseling: School Counseling and Clinician Mental Health Counseling

  • Ramapo College - B.A. Psychology

Core Competencies

  • Anxiety

  • Stress / Life Transitions

  • Trauma


  • Depression

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • School and Social Issues

  • LGBTQAI+ ally

Non-Clinical things of interest
I really enjoy cooking, and am always looking for a new challenge. I like to measure with my heart and don’t always follow a recipe exactly. I love getting lost in a good book, especially on a rainy day. I enjoy being outdoors and going on hikes. I am an animal lover, and have a cat named Nala.


Therapy practice serving Connecticut, specializing in anxiety, depression, transitions, and everyday life.

“I love seeing my clients grow. I gain satisfaction from bearing witness to my clients “AHA” moments, when they make connections between new skills and self awareness that leads to positive change.”

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