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Therapy for parents and their children

Cope & Calm to Build Resilience

Intense outbursts 

Difficulty explaining what is wrong

Struggling in school

Lack of confidence and self-compassion

Complicated social politics

Rivaling the activity of the Energizer Bunny


Burned out to couch rot

Cope & Calm knowing they have all they need

 The world can be a beautiful place, but we know that there are also many dangers and difficulties ahead for your child.


-conflict with friends,

-difficulty performing in school,

-frustration from comparing themselves to peers,

-a loss of a loved one,

-or a divorce

It can be daunting to assist your children through these learning curves. Good news! We are here to help.

We help families with these struggles everyday. 

We delegate the car maintenance to a mechanic, we leave the plumbing to the professionals, why would teaching emotional life skills be any different?

We don't wait until someone has a heart attack to send them to the cardiologist. We regularly check its functioning at every physicians appointment. Yet with mental health sometimes we wait for a crisis to begin to seek professional help. 


Don't wait until the crisis happens. 

You want to give them the best. You try everyday to teach them the skills they will need to thrive out there, but you see the anger outbursts, the anxious withdrawal. The school just called with another "incident report". The house is loud with sibling conflict.


You know that they are only within your protective reach for a brief time, and worry that you won't be able to give them the right guidance.  And the time just keeps going by faster. 

Effective strategies for confidence, competence, and communication.

Cope & Calm: Skills for Life

1. Give us a call, text, or fill out a contact form.

2. Intake coordinator matches you to the right therapists

3. Therapist calls and schedules your first appointment and emails your paperwork

4. Come to the first appt5. Breath a sigh of relief knowing that you are making the right choice for your child. 

How to get started:​

Sound Familiar?

Therapy for Kids

The gift of Cope & Calm is lifelong.

Show your kids that it is okay to ask for help. 




able to love themselves,

and have the skills needed to navigate the hardships of life.

You want your children to be: 

When our kids understand their feelings and triggers they can stay out of fight mode and enjoy their siblings again.

You want to work yourself out of the parenting job.

Such a lofty goal was never meant to be pursued alone. Let us be a part of your village

Cope & Calm for More Joy and Connection


You've been running errands all day. You are tired and your mind is running through the to-do list that is going to hit you as soon as you get home. Dinner. Homework check. Is it spirit week...again?

Then it hits. The dread of dragging your children through the nighttime routine. They are tired and hungry, and you are bracing on eggshells as you approach the door.


But when you open up the door instead of hearing feral yelling and an immediate tattle as you walk in, you hear laughter.


The kids are playing. The house isn't that messy considering the game they've made up. The sitter said it was a good day. 

You tell the kids to clean up, and your little one gets upset. He doesn't want to stop playing. 

To your surprise, he takes a deep breath, shifts focus, and asks if he can pick the book to read before bed. 

It can be like this. When your child is able to identify their feelings and the purpose for those feelings, things get a lot smoother.

Picture it!

Play is a great therapy for children.

You love your child. We know you want to provide them with the best of everything that they need, but you cannot do it all alone.


At Cope & Calm Counseling we will teach you how to show up as the best parent you can be. We will work with you to explore the best parenting strategies possible.


Your kiddo will learn how to identify and regulate their emotions. You will all become more confident that they can conquer whatever troubles come their way.

We do not claim to be perfect parents or to know your kid better than you. There is no space for judgement here. We know that you don't expect your child to be perfect, and you don't have to be either. 

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