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Counseling for Young Adults

Are you heading out to college for the first time? Maybe you are entering your first career or moving in with roommates. 

The time between 18-25 is full of so many transitions. Many of them are exciting, but all of them are stressful. Plus all of your friends are going through a lot of the same struggles, and finding time to meet up and lean on your people is harder than ever. You have wanted all of this for so long, right? Why is it so hard?

When so many things are uncertain, it is hard to know what you want, what is best for you, and how to make it all happen. You might be broke and stressed about bills, confused about what to study, anxious about navigating roommate conflict, and overwhelmed by dating when you are busier than ever. You never thought you would relate to the “Friends” theme song so deeply. At least they all got to live with their best friends, meanwhile you and your friends haven’t been able to find a common time for happy hour that works for all of you in months. 

You may feel lonely. Your anxiety may be intensifying. Maybe you are depressed and are struggling to do anything selfcare related after work because you are so tired. Being on your own and getting yourself established is so hard. It is for all of us, but we can help. Reach out and get one step closer to feeling like you have you sh*t together.

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