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therapy for anxiety


The investment of therapy:

We are an out of network provider, and do not work directly with insurance companies. However, we provide you with a form that allows you to request reimbursement directly. Many of our clients end up being reimbursed all but the cost of a co-pay, but please check your policy to review your out-of-network-benefits. To get an estimate of how much you may be reimbursed use our benefits calculator below!

Our rates are as follows:

Initial Intake (60 minutes): $200

Individual Therapy (45 minutes): $185

Family and Couple's Therapy (30 min/45 min/60 min): $135/$200/$225

Fees are due at the time of service. Payments can be automated through our portal, or made by cash or check. Starting November 2023, we will be offering to submit your reimbursements for you. 

When calling your insurance company, below are a few questions to ask:

  • What's my Out-of-Network deductible? (Dollar amount.)

  • Must my Out-of-Network deductible be met before benefits apply? (Yes/No.)

  • What is the reimbursement rate for outpatient psychotherapy? (Percentage.)

  • Is preauthorization required for 60 or 90-minute psychotherapy sessions? (Yes/No.)

  • What paperwork do I need to start a reimbursement claim, and where do I send it?


Please reach out with any questions!!

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