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Therapy for Young Professionals

Millenial Informed, Zillennial Inspired Therapy

Therapy for anxiety, therapy for young professionals

Were you a talented scholar throughout middle and high school.? Did you do fairly, if not better than well in post-secondary education or training? Were you told that you could be anything, and therefore felt like you had to be or at least try everything. Did this cause you to feel overextended, not really knowing who you are, or knowing what you need. Rather than focusing on what naturally inspired you, did you instead feel compelled to explore every possible version of who you could be?


You have ruled a bunch of options out. Those 3 years of piano, adds color to your resume, and it can help in a pinch at a holiday party. Your team made it to states, but now you can barely make it to the gym. Those honor societies that did not help with those networking connections you were promised, you forgot you were a part of until just now. It came with a nice sash at graduation at least.


So, here you are. A mid-level something or other, with a solid compensation package, but whenever your brain has a moment to be quiet you fall into loneliness? anxiety? dissociation? You aren’t really sure what to call it, but you have researched, chased the wellness trends, and gotten into your hustle flow, but still are not happy. Are you finding it hard to juggle the expectations of partner, parent, and professional? It feels like too much, because it is too much. We can help you learn how to respond differently to the overwhelm.


At Cope & Calm Counseling, we specialize in treating those perfectionists in recovery. Just in case you find yourself thinking “I am not a perfectionist, I don’t do enough of anything right.” – I have to tell you that this is the perfectionist’s motto. 


If you feel burned out from trying to find joy and balance in your life, let us help you learn how to find yourself in the nebulous chaos of day to day adulting. Send a text or drop an email below!

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