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OCD Specialists

Living with OCD is hard. Finding someone to treat it should not be. Amber at Cope & Calm is a member of the IOCDF and a skilled clinician with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). 

If you have tried talk therapy before and left discouraged, don't count your wellness out! Although CBT and other approaches are effective for certain psychological concerns, it is not an effective treatment for OCD. 

If you have not yet tried ERP, I encourage you to reach out. 

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Treatment Outline

Stage 1

Assess and identify what OCD looks like for you. 

In our initial stages, we will explore the core fears behind your intrusive thoughts and identify the habits you have to calm them. We will also identify other areas of concern and determine if they relate or impact your OCD presentation. Together we can explore other treatment options to address all of your mental health needs. Issues like trauma, social stressors, and eating concerns often overlap with OCD and may require a different approach. 

Stage 2

Prioritize Treatment Goals

Once we have clearly explored what your predominant symptoms and concerns are, then we can determine together what to prioritize. We can rank your target obsessions, and discuss what you would like to work on first.

Stage 3

Get to work

Once we have determined what we will work on, I will provide a conceptualization of how your OCD looks for you, teach you a bit about why your brain functions in this fashion, and introduce the process of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). 

Get in Touch

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