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Marissa Yubas, LMFTA, M.S.

Marissa therapist for anxiety, trauma, and couples

 "I get so excited when my clients report that our work together has been effective, and I am always so honored when they offer my name to a friend or family member."

Hello and thank you for your interest in working together! 

Seeing people have the courage to come to therapy brings me hope. I absolutely LOVE seeing clients make progress, big or small. When a client has a breakthrough or notices that something they once greatly struggled with has become slightly easier to manage, it brings me great joy. I also love providing people with a safe place, possibly their only or first safe place in their lives. It’s a wonderful honor to be trusted and I hold that trust very dearly. Therapy has helped me and many loved ones in my life create wonderful, fulfilling lives, and my goal in life is to pay it forward and help others achieve the same.


One of our sayings at Cope & Calm is “Come just as you are”, and I mean it. You do not have to come into therapy with anything other than an openness to some reflection and an earnest desire to grow. The work may get hard and uncomfortable, but I will be there every step of the way showing you the next stepping stone towards a happier, healthier life. When you come into session, I want you to get comfortable and know that this is a safe space where you will always be respected. 

 I take my work seriously, but not every session has to be! Each time we meet we will cover a lot of ground and learn new things, but I also try to have a lot of fun. I am a creative person and try to use art when it suits my clients. Sometimes it is easier to draw or paint it out than it is to find the words


I have worked in a variety of settings. Some positions were at a higher level of care, like a hospital, and others were outpatient clinics. Through those experiences I have learned that earning my client’s trust is the key first step. From there we will identify your goals, or together begin conceiving how you want your life and relationships to look like. Then I will help you see your strengths and suggest how to use them in order to move forward.

Hope you hear from you soon!

Marissa Yubas, LMFTA

‪(475) 329-7284‬


Iona College

M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy

Goucher College

B.A. Psychology

Core Competencies


Family and Couples Therapy


Stress / Life Transitions




Autism Spectrum Disorder

School and Social Issues


Non-Clinical things of interest

Outside of my work as a therapist, I’m a professional athlete in the equestrian world. I absolutely adore animals! I have done the hard work in my own therapy to create a beautiful life inside and out. I live in Danbury with my partner, Dennis, our two rescue cats Stanely and Sikes, and my horse, Jessie, lives nearby in Brewster, NY. 🙂

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