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Life coaching is offered to anyone virtually via telehealth or in-person in Danbury, CT.


About Coaching

Do you feel stuck? Do you know what you want, but just can’t seem to get there? Is it hard to know where to start?


We can help! We are trained listeners who can provide support, guide your thinking, and help with keeping you accountable.


In coaching sessions, we will collaborate to identify what matters to you. We can shape goals that will improve your wellness, satisfaction with life, and relationships.

Some goals we have collaborated on with clients are:

I want to eat more balanced meals.

I want to be more present with my family.

I want to feel confident transitioning into a new job.

I want to feel less agitated and angry.

I want to improve my relationship with alcohol. 

I want to improve my communication with my partner.

Coaching vs. Therapy - How are they different?

Coaching differs from therapy in that we will not be focusing on healing from past events, but rather we will work on developing changes in the present in order to improve wellness. We are also able to coach individuals from anywhere and are not restricted to our licensed jurisdictions.

We offer coaching for the following areas.

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